Liquid Rubber in Australia


Liquid rubber is the general name given to a number of waterproofing products which can be either spray, brush or roller applied. The product originated in Canada and has become a very popular solution for domestic and commercial waterproofing applications in Australia mainly due to its simplicity of substrate preparation, coating application and watertight effectiveness. Its popularity has attracted nasty imitators without testing or Quality Assurance systems which prospective purchasers should be very wary of.

Being a popular product, Liquid Rubber has attracted cheap imitations which do not work as a high build brush-able or spray-able coating like the original; they do not have official potable approval to Australian standards or material safety data sheets and have even copied this documentation as if their own products pass the standards.

For these reasons, if you are considering purchasing liquid rubber or commissioning contractors to install it, ensure that they source their product from Canada rather than an UN-potable, untested imitating company.

ATM Water (ATM) installs linings and spray applied waterproofing’s in square and round panel tanks whether welded, modular, steel or GRP,

ATM  waterproof dams, secondary containment areas and concrete reservoirs for potable, fire or process liquids, so if you have any question or want some advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Why Use Liquid Rubber

Liquid Rubber allows freedom of architecture with its ability to waterproof difficult shapes and corners, and creates a fully adhered, seamless barrier preventing tracking of water underneath. Large areas can be covered quickly to also save the labour costs.

About Us

ATM Water (ATM) is the only company within the industrial water tank industry which has a building licence to perform tank builds, modifications and maintenance. We use Liquid Rubber for tank liners, dam liners, pond liners and corrosion repairs. With over 20+ years in the waterproofing industry, combined with ATM's quality assurance, WHS and EHS you can rest assured your working with the best when your working with ATM

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